Wales meets Havana for Rolling Stones virtual concert

September 28, 2019

In another innovative first a local theatre will be transporting rock fans back in time to experience a landmark music concert as if they were actually there.

Next month Venue Cymru will be staging a special concert from the Rolling Stones in Havana as part of a bold project which will see the arena filled with state of the art screens lights and three dimensional surround sound to recreate the experience of a real life concert.

The Rolling Stones Havana Moon concert will be the opportunity to see Mick Jagger and the band ‘on stage’ in North Wales thanks to an exciting groundbreaking production from Rebel Vision.

Their cutting edge cinematic technology will transport you to Havana where rock history was made as The Rolling Stones performed to half a million fans in a spectacular and iconic record breaking event.

A state of the art sound system, screens and concert lighting will create a brand new experience as Cuban dancers and actors provide an exotic backdrop allowing you to submerge yourself in Havana Moon and let the Caribbean air wash over you.

Sir Mick who is an enthusiastic supporter of the production said he was keen for as many people as possible to enjoy the event. He said “This immersive experience will let thousands more fans be part of a historic moment”

The virual concert takes place on October 21st and tickets are available from the Venue Cymru Box Office.