Special trip to Hong Kong for Colwyn trained constable

September 22, 2018

When Special Constable Dewi Jones was offered the chance to meet his martial arts master in Hong Kong he jumped at the opportunity.

Dewi has been doing Wing Chun, a form of Chinese Kung Fu for two years, both at the leisure centres in Colwyn Bay and Abergele training under his teacher Dave McQuillan.

“I had been looking for a Kung Fu style martial art to train so when I saw the poster for Wing Chun, which said ‘No high kicks – simple and effective’  I went to the class and have been hooked ever since.”

His efforts and willingness to learn paid off when his teacher ‘Master Billy Davidson’ invited him to join him on a visit to Hong Kong, where they were to train for two weeks with “Albert” the senior student of Ip Ching, son of the late Ip Man.

“It was such an honour to be selected. Although this martial art has been in existence for approximately 350 years the techniques which we use are constantly developing and improving,” said the 27-year-old father of three.

During the trip, Dewi visited the grave of Master Ip Man, who taught Bruce Lee, and he admits he had his eyes opened to the different cultures of Hong Kong.

Dewi, who works in Asda, Llandudno Junction, joined North Wales Police Special Constabulary in 2017.

“I joined because I always wanted to do something meaningful that would make a difference to the community. It also gives me the opportunity to gain an insight into what policing entails.”

He believes his trip and the discipline involved in the martial art will help his confidence and it will assist him in dealing with people from different backgrounds.

“I hope I will never get into a situation with policing where it gets to the combat stage. A more calm presence helps to deal with a situation more effectively.”