Llandudno Lifeboat comes to aid of kite surfer as daylight fades

November 29, 2021 - 400 views

Llandudno's inshore lifeboat was scrambled yesterday to help a kite surfer in trouble.

RNLI vessel Dr Barbara Saunderson launched in the afternoon to assist a kite surfer who was reported to be in difficulty off the West Shore.

The crew of three including new volunteer Benjamin Lee on his first service call, were soon able to ascertain that the surfer was gradually making his way back to shore; the lifeboat remained on scene to observe until the surfer had made a safe return to the beach.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Captain Marcus Elliott, who was at the West Shore, explained: "Due to the weather conditions and the fading light it was deemed appropriate to launch to ensure the kite surfer came to no harm.

"We are always willing to launch when it is thought a member of the public could be in potential risk of harm in the water."