What Does Tourism Mean to Conwy, North Wales? Interview with Mayor Cyng Goronwy O Edwards

February 17, 2020 - 95 views

Exclusive FHD video interview with Mr. Cyng Goronwy O Edwards, Mayor of Conwy, North Wales.

In this interview, filmed at The Quay Hotel and Spa in Deganwy on 7 February, Steven Howard of TravelNewsAsia.com sits down with Goronwy to ask him about Conwy as an up-and-coming tourism destination.

We talk about what Conwy has to offer tourists, how the town is embracing technology to enhance the travel experience for visitors, whether there are enough hotels in the area, what the hotel pipeline is like, and when a planned academy for the hospitality industry may open.

Goronwy tells us about new developments that are happening in the area, including a new Hilton hotel, how Conwy uses sport to promote the destination, and why North Wales is fast becoming known as the adventure capital of Europe.

Steven asks how Conwy is balancing the need for the tourism dollar against the problems that over-tourism can cause, and how the expansion of airports like Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff have helped the town and region increase the number of arrivals.

We also discuss why Conwy is so popular with the Japanese travel market and what the recent twinning with Himeji means. All that and much, much more in the video and podcast below. http://www.asiatraveltips.com/news20/...



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