North Wales seals set sail for new adventures

February 14, 2021 - 1021 views

A trio of young and abandoned seal pups washed up on the shorelines of North Wales, and brought to the Welsh Mountain Zoo by the RSPCA have been released back into the Irish sea, following two months of intensive care and rehabilitation.

The release took place on Tuesday 9th February from the beach in Penrhyn Bay, Conwy, North Wales.

The group have been cared for by experts at the Zoo throughout the current lockdown where support for the infant group has continued, despite the major financial and resource pressures the Zoo is facing.

Kim Wood, Director of Living Collections of the Welsh Mountain Zoo explained: “We are known as a centre of excellence in North Wales for the rehabilitation of pups when these young seals become separated from mum and are washed up on our shores.

"Whilst the Zoo has remained closed, our Keepers remain as busy as ever, providing care and support for these seals and our many other animals.”

The Zoo’s expert Keepers carefully transported the seals to the release site and encourage them to the waters edge to begin their first free water swim since being collected by the RSPCA.

The Zoo continues to work closely with the RSPCA, who identify at risk pups, often washed up, disorientated and in poor health having become separated from their mums. All aged under two months old, the seals were unable to self feed and in need of urgent care and attention.

Initially underweight at 13.5kg, they leave at a very healthy 41kg- 45kg. Fed a diet of predominantly fish soup by the RSPCA until weaned, the pups have now moved on to whole fresh fish, eating up to 7kgs of fish a day.

Kim added: “It’s wonderful to see the pups so full of life, at healthy weights and a stage where they’re ready to return to their natural habitat. Returning the seals to the wild is a highlight of the work we do, and a hugely rewarding experience for all those involved."

Thank you to Lee and Vinca Power for producing this fantastic video for Bayside.

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