Volunteering: Thank you from Crest Cooperative

June 09, 2020 - 1880 views

Once again it has been a fantastic Volunteering Week talking to organisations across the Bay of Colwyn who have been doing some pretty amazing things during the past 12 months.

Factor in all the extra hours that have been acheived during these quite incredible times and its clear that volunteers are helping keeping our communities going!

Last week I spoke to many people and highlighted a fantastic opportunity for young people to secure funding to set up a volunteering project thanks to Conwy Voluntary Services Council (CVSC) and on Friday I capped it all of with a good chat with Steve Pugh who is Volunteer Coordinator at Crest on Douglas Road in the Bay and at Brierley House in the Junction.

We had a good chat about how their volunteers are helping the community and I hope it will inspire you to get involved in some of their projects or take the plunge elsewhere into the rewarding world of volunteering.

If you'd like to find out more head over to their website https://www.crestcooperative.co.uk

Alternatively follow Crest on Twitter and Facebook to say hello and get involved! Thanks Ste!



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