COVID 19: Operation Dinky Egg

April 13, 2020 - 2342 views

Over the past few days I've heard of many local organisations and charities who are really making things happen such as the brilliant Kind Bay Initiative.

But there are also individuals and local businesses in the Bay who are really making things happen.

Earlier today on Good Morning Colwyn Bay, I had a video link chat with Paul Clifford who has joined forces with Dink, the propreitor of the Chicago 1935 cafe in the town.

Whilst they are unable to keep trading whilst the lockdown in on, they've channeled their energies into supporting people in the town with many hundreds of children and at our locked down NHS hospitals receiving a thank you egg.

It's a truly inspiring story with the most amazing team behind the scenes and one that I hope you can take a listen to from earlier today. 

If you'd like to help out, get involved or would like a bit of help at this tough time please contact Paul via his Facebook page

This is what community is all about!

Best wishes,



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