COVID 19: Kind Volunteers to feed our Zoo

June 19, 2020 - 1649 views

A Colwyn Bay organisation with a heart of gold has been working tirelessly in our community for many weeks helping our vulnerable and making sure that local foodbanks have been well stocked during the Coronavirus crisis.

Now in response to the plight of our town's much loved zoo, volunteers at The Kind Bay Initiative are turning their attention to helping feed the animals during a very uncertain time. 

Thanks to what is already a campaign continuing to gather momentum in the Bay, locals are helping out on one of the biggest food collection projects that the town has seen.

On Sunday (21st June) between 4 and 6pm, Kind Bay volunteers and drivers which are donating their vans and time for free and will be heading around the locality picking up food to help ease some of the pressure on the zoo's running costs which continue despite the lockdown.

Helen Robinson from the Kind Bay says it will be an ambitious collection "but one that shows how wonderful it is that the community has come together at this time.

"The people at 2 Me 2 You removals have even come on board with their van as well to help take donations up to the Zoo on Monday. " said Helen.

These are the items which are needed at this time. Fruit and Veg (no potatoes or mushrooms), plain porridge, bird seed, unsalted nuts, dry sultanas, raisins, apricots, dates, honey, tinned fruit, chutney, fresh herbs, hay, shavings, wormwool.

To get involved please head over to the Kind Bay Initiative on Facebook

In the weeks to come The Kind Bay will also be turning attention to supporting St. David's Hospice.

Hear our chat with Helen in our short podcast.


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