COVID-19: Conwy Mind Mental Health

April 05, 2020 - 1551 views

Hi everyone,

Last week on my show I had a chat with Rachel Ginnelly from Conwy Mind about the help as services they provide to help people who might be suffering with mild to moderate issues with mental health.

It's a very stressful time for us all with anxiety and worries over COVID-19 and self isolation making things difficult. There's no need to suffer in silence when Conwy Mind may be able to help.

Please take a listen to the podcast and find out what support Conwy Mind offers and a few tips on how to stay positive during these unprecedented times.

Below are further details of things we had a chat about and some contact details too.

Stay safe everyone,


Their website is There is a section about volunteering under the get involved tab. There are a lot of helpful guides about coping with mental health under the self-help tab called “Mind Guides”

Conwy Mind will be developing more content about coping with mental health during the coronavirus lockdown over the next couple of weeks, including podcasts.  The links to facebook and twitter are on the home page of the website.

As staff are working from home, Conwy Mind would prefer if people contacted them by email or through the contacts page on the website if they have access to the internet, though they will take also take phone calls.

The five ways to wellbeing we discussed and some suggestions of how to integrate them into your daily routine during the coronavirus lockdown are:

Connect  - where possible, find a way to communicate with other people each day, through phone calls, social media, skype, by talking to neighbours through your window or doorstep (keeping a safe distance).

Keep learning – This can be things like learning a new recipe, learning to play a musical instrument, using a free app to learn some words in another language, learning a new song, learning how to use your computer to connect to people, learning more about your family history or the history of your local area.

Give – give time to family, neighbours and friends to support them through this difficult time, give time in volunteering, give to charity if you can afford it, give a moment of your time on Thursday evening to clap for keyworkers and be part of the community.

Take Notice – From you windows or on your daily outing for exercise, and take different routes when you go out for daily exercise so that you see different things, take note of the changes to plants in the gardens and open spaces, take notice of any wildlife, take note of buildings in your local area.

Be active – where possible, get outside for daily exercise as allowed, walking , running or cycling; Take part in online exercise sessions such as Joe Wicks, do some cleaning or sorting in your house, dance to your favourite tunes.



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