Zoo animals heat up as cold snap hits North Wales

January 07, 2021

A cold snap has hit North Wales prompting the Welsh Mountain Zoo - National Zoo of Wales to kick start its cold weather measures!

As we all wrap up in our hats and scarves, our furry friends at the Zoo are finding other ways to keep warm.

The chimps are enjoying baked jacket potatoes to help them keep warm now that the cold has really hit.

The animals have both indoor and outdoor enclosures so are free to make their own choices but steps are taken to offer some added warmth at very cold times of the year such as extra bedding and foods rich in protein.

Animal Collections Manager, Peter Litherland said: “Ultimately, our animals that are not from naturally cool habitats will choose whether they want to be indoors or outdoors but we also want to give them some added winter warmers at this time of the year. The chimps love chomping on their baked potatoes.

“We are constantly monitoring the animal’s behaviour and the environmental temperature and offer any added support that we think necessary throughout the year when faced with any type of extreme weather.”