Sunday collections to help Kind Bay boost local food banks

March 28, 2020

As disruption from Covid-19 continues to impact on communities right across the country, local food banks in the locality have felt the effects first hand.

Over the past week many have seen stocks have run to extremely low levels and this worrying situation has been made worse as older volunteers assisting, have had to withdraw due to their own self-isolation.

Some have closed temporarily whilst others in Wales have shut their doors over the longer term.

Families, individuals and the vulnerable who rely on food banks to survive are naturally very anxious at this time.

Thanks to the Kind Bay Initiative, a local group that has provided provided company, support and assistance to many vulnerable individuals, collections of tins and produce will begin in Old Colwyn on Sunday evening (Sun 29th Mar) between 6-8pm.

This will be followed up by collections in Colwyn Bay next Sunday.

Collection postcodes will go up on the Kind Bay Facebook page on Sunday morning so please message the group with your street and number if you can help.

The group will be collecting the food for local foodbanks under strict guidelines, wearing gloves and protection and will not have to call at any doors. Collectors will be wearing Kind Bay T-Shirts so they can be easily identified.

If you can help and would like to donate, please visit their page. Your food donations will be helping many local people who rely on foodbanks simply to get by.