Old Colwyn launches emergency food and delivery hub

March 20, 2020

Residents in Old Colwyn have come together again to show solidarity and support to the most vulnerable in the community in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier today members of the Old Colwyn Events and Christmas Market team set up a drop-off point at St. John's Church in the village centre.

With the help of the Bay of Colwyn Town Council and local residents, the church has once again become an important focal point for community support.

Director of Old Colwyn Events, Kai Davies said; "As from today our community support hub starts in St.Johns Church, Old Colwyn.

"We will be using the Church for the time being as they currently have no public worship happening, we thank them for allowing us to do this.

"We are hoping that people can donate items to us. We can then sort them and store these items. From there, we will put a plan together so that elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating people can get in touch with us for items they may need.

"You can then either ask us for something you need or a parcel of items that we can deliver to you or you can collect".

Donations can be taken to the church at various points across the weekend and over the next few weeks.

To find out when the hub will be attended please contact 0789 5563527 or email info@oldcolwynevents.co.uk. Updates will also be published on their Facebook page.

Currently the hub are particularly looking for the following items: Long Life Milk, Tinned Items, Cereal, Pastas, Sugar, Tea Bags and Coffee, Cat Foods, Dog Foods, Toilet Roll, Bars of Soap, Washing Up Liquid, Cleaning Products, Washing Powder, Nappies, Paracetamol and Baby Formula.

Kai added; "We are also hoping to be able to take prescriptions to the Pharmacy and help by collecting medication for those unable to get there due to isolation or illness. This can also be requested and we will do what we can. 

"Please bear with us if we don’t reply to you straight away. We’ve put this plan together very fast and hope it will help."