Load of bollards: Locals see red after traffic islands 'appear'

April 09, 2021

Words of frustration have been expressed following the 'surprise' installation of traffic bollards by Ty Gwynn in Old Colwyn.

In response to residents suggesting that the bollards "suddenly appeared" and they were quickly forced to slowdown in their to avoid hitting them, further investigations were made.

Today on social media Councillor Charlie McCoubrey stated that they had been brought into service without going through the correct proceedure.

"I have received clarification that the traffic islands that have popped up throughout the town were funded by emergency Welsh Government Covid funding to encourage safer use of the streets.

"They were placed ahead of schedule by a private contractor with no consultation with local members, Town council and residents. This is a clear breach of council protocol.

"Speeding is a huge issue through the town but I am not convinced that the locations chosen are the most suitable. The islands will also require additional warning signage and road markings.

"The bollards will be removed today and put in storage to allow the appropriate consultations to take place."