Garden waste charges are on their way to Colwyn Bay

April 10, 2019

Garden waste charges are to become a reality for Colwyn Bay householders after Conwy Council voted to favour of introducing them to fill a budget shortfall.

Following a public consultation which was criticised on social media as ‘laughable’ after the council gave residents the options of paying for the service or seeing it scrapped all together, the council backed a £30 annual charge.

The authority said that it was joining many councils in England and Wales in bringing in a charge with neighbours in Denbighshire already adding the cost to council tax bills.

In the consultation 57% of Conwy residents said they would be happy to pay the charge rather than to lose the service all together

As a sweetener the authority said residents could get free compost as part of the charge although at the time of making a statement to the press, they said this option was ’still under consideration’.