Colwyn Bay FC ladies' application to Tier 2 gets approved

April 13, 2021

Although the Football Association of Wales have announced that Colwyn Bay FC has not been successful in their men’s application to tier 1, the positive news however is a successful application to the women’s tier 2.

The men's application failed, it seems, because the club are still awaiting planning permission for a new TV gantry and new floodlights. The club are hopeful that will be rubber stamped when the council meet later this month.

The unsuccessful tier 1 application hasn’t been detrimental to plans the club have moving forward for next season in Tier 2.

Director of Football Neil Coverley commented: "The process itself is quite a long one, made up of many modules - it has taken some five months to get to this point.

"Having spoken to the licensing head officer, Steven Jones, I’ve taken great pride in the fact Colwyn Bay’s application has received very positive feedback.

"It appears the only stumbling block is the planning permission which was half expected as the council don’t meet till later in the month, and it puts us in a tremendously positive position moving into hopefully a full and healthy tier 2 campaign.

"The best news is that the women’s tier 2 application has been successful and we now move onto the second phase of this process.

"It’s really great news and the first steps on what will be an exciting future for the women’s teams at various age groups for this football club."

Reproduced with thanks to Colwyn Bay FC.