Calls for a Welsh National Dementia Data Observatory

September 29, 2021 - 468 views

Janet Finch-Saunders MS for Aberconwy has called on the Welsh Government to establish a national dementia data observatory to ensure accuracy in dementia data. 

The observatory would look to collect, analyse and distribute data on dementia to all service providers wishing to access data to help plan and deliver dementia services across Wales.

The Member’s Debate motion, proposed by Luke Fletcher MS, also called on the Welsh Government to fund research into developing accurate diagnostic tools to ensure that people who receive a diagnosis of dementia can access the correct support immediately post diagnosis.  

Commenting after her speech to the Senedd, Mrs. Finch Saunders said:  “As Alzheimer’s Society Cymru have highlighted, Wales is in a unique place with access to dementia specific funding and skilled researchers in the field.

"However, the Welsh Government can and must go further by funding research into developing accurate diagnostic tools to ensure people can access the correct support post diagnosis. 

“In examining the support available, this month, Meddyg Care has become the first care home group to establish an Admiral Nurse service in Wales who can go beyond advice by offering comprehensive, specialist support and expertise for families and those living with the complexities of dementia. 

“However, there are no Admiral Nurses in North Wales. So I have also urged the Minister for Health and Social Services to review what steps the Welsh Government could take to help registered nurses become Admiral Nurses.

“There is no denying that the pandemic has had a detrimental impact on people living with and affected by dementia, as over a quarter of people who died with Covid-19 from March to June 2020 across the UK suffered from its affects.

"As we now look to our recovery, long-term data collection to improve support is a commitment that has rightly garnered cross-party support.”