A brilliant opportunity to get to know each other a little better

May 04, 2021

This June, the Month of Community is an opportunity to celebrate community connections and get to know each other a little better.

It’s an inspired idea from Eden Project Communities, the people behind The Big Lunch, who have teamed up with good causes across the UK to celebrate summer 2021 with a whole #MonthOfCommunity.

The Big Lunch is the UK’s annual big date to celebrate and give thanks to our neighbours and communities.

This year Volunteers Week and The Big Lunch will kick off a summer full of community, friendship and fun. There are more reasons than ever to get together this year, so why not celebrate and say thanks to your community…

 - Say cheers to the nation’s volunteers on Volunteers Week 1-7 June

- Appreciate nature on Wales Nature Week 29 May -6 June

- Connect with our communities over The Big Lunch 5-6 June

- Get to know our neighbours on Neighbourhood Watch Week 5-11 June

- Celebrate and unpaid carers on Carers Week 7-13 June

- Understand loneliness and support people on Loneliness Awareness Week 14-18 June

- Make sure everyone feels welcome on Refugee Week 14-20 June

- Raise money for local charities on Small Charity Week 14-19 June

- Show that we have more in common on The Great Get Together 18-20 June

- Or simply say thank you on Thank You Day 4 July

We’re encouraging people to join in in whatever way suits their community - online, on your doorstep, over the fence, or at a social distance. 

Research last year showed us that 9 out of 10 people said they needed community connection at this time of Coronavirus. Even a cup of tea with a neighbour, or an online get together with a local community group has real value in creating more connected, happier communities.

Bayside Radio will be joining up with local organisations such as Conwy Voluntary Services Council (CVSC), Carers Wales, Conwy MIND and Crest Co-operative to highlight the fantastic work that goes on in our community and we'll bring you much more information closer the time.

Check out, download and share this #MonthOfCommunity video