Bayside Radio Podcast: Ex-forces 'Back In' programme

September 23, 2018 - 875 views

Members of the Armed Forces community and their families have just taken part in an innovative water sports and life enhancing event down at Porth Eirias.

About Turn was run in conjunction with Colwyn Bay Watersports to help ex-service personnel become more familiar with the communities they are living in, highlighting rewarding pursuits such volunteering along with the many recreational activities which they might not be familiar with in Conwy and across North Wales.

Event Director Jason Palmer of the Conwy Veterans Hub CVSC talks to Bayside Radio's Simon Wynne about the event as the launch pad for the 'Back In' programme helping veterans and their families re-adjust to life outside the armed force community.

For more information and help relating to the 'Back In' programme you can email Jason 

Or you can visit their pages on social media


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