Gwrych Trust pioneer receives Downing Street award

September 20, 2018

A man so passionate about a local folly as a schoolboy that he went on to campaign for its restoration has been recognised with a prestigous award the Prime Minister.

Doctor Mark Baker was said to be 'humbled' after receiving the Points of Light Awards from Theresa May following years of being the driving force behind the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust. He first became involved in setting up the Trust aged just 13 years old.

The Trust which recently published its long term manifesto to raise money and continue the on-going investment of the former derelict castle. The castle recently came into the ownership of the Trust after years of passionate campaigning and highlighting the cultural importance of the building not only to visitors but to local people too.

The message from the Prime Minster read, "From launching the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust at just 13 years old, to finally receiving the keys to the castle this year, your remarkable determination and years of campaigning have saved an important part of local history".

"I wish you all the very best with the restoration works which will preserve the castle for generations to come."