Colwyn's Power of Song: Vin/ Ghostbuskers

June 04, 2020 - 1141 views

It's been another great week of music as we've been marking positivity and wellbeing in our Colwyn through the power of song feature whilst in lockdown.

In this episode of the podcast we hear live music with a folksy edge from local musician Vin Murtagh including his own composition 'This Is The Ship' and a cover of 'Rake' originall recorded by Townes van Zandt.

Also we have another check in with the Ghostbuskers to see how they are doing in their bid to get more members into their community choir. Plus there's a fantastic live performance of them on the stage at the BBC Proms back in 2016.

Remember you can get involved with Ghostbuskers and find out more here

Thanks for listening and remember there's lots of local music featured across the week in Good Morning Colwyn Bay, weekdays from 8am on Drive with Phillydog from 4pm. 


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