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About CVSC   Funding Partnership Volunteering

What is Media Action and who are CVSC?

Here at Bayside we have been working closely with CVSC to provide support to a number of local community groups and organisations. We call it 'Media Action'.

CVSC is well established at developing, supporting and promoting voluntary and community action in the County of Conwy.

Visit them on Facebook or click on the links above.

If you are an organisation which is struggling to make your voice heard and are trying to get newspaper, radio, media and social media to work hard for your charity or fundraising event please get in touch.

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We have a team of people experienced in marketing, journalism, events and social media who can help you create impact for your special project at no cost.

Bayside are also working on a number of Media Action campaigns to promote community projects and volunteering in conjunction with CVSC.



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