Lifeboat goes to help two people trapped by Spring Tide

March 18, 2024 - 436 views

Yesterday a team from the Llandudno Lifeboat station was scrambled to help two people trapped by the incoming Spring Tide.

Holyhead Coastguard alerted the station at 3.27pm requesting them to launch and search the area in the vicinity of Llandudno Pier for members of the public reported to be stranded on the rocks by the tide.

Llandudno’s RNLI inshore lifeboat Dr Barbara Saunderson made way as quickly as possible to the scene of the emergency. The volunteer crew proceeded to evacuate the casualties from the beach under Happy Valley Road to a safe location where the Llandudno Coastguard Team were in attendance.

Captain Marcus Elliott, Llandudno Lifeboat Volunteer Operations Manager said, "Thinking of local dangers, I would reiterate the need for everyone, whether local or not, to check tide times if they are planning to walk around the area’s beaches, particularly at this time of year with the high Spring Tides."

If you experience problems at sea or witness any incidents out at sea, please call 101 and ask for the Coastguard.