Holiday to Llanddulas in North Wales, late 1950's

April 04, 2019 - 130 views

Amateur home movie. A family over several years, holidays. Late 1950s to 1960s Llanddulas, Conwy Valley near Abergele, North Wales.

Moore MPS Chemist Shop. Girls in white veils pass crossing the road on their way to church. Pub or hotel Hart? Point of view from travelling car, sign Llandoulas, another sign Beach Road, travelling through a tree covered lane. Sign: The Rendezvous Private Chalet and Caravan Park. T

wo young women in shorts paddle in the sea. Carrying their shoes they walk along the waters edge. Close up of waves hitting wooden post. Two women and a man with an Elvis type hairstyle (quiff) sat on a rug having a picnic. Jaguar Car. Woman holds up a packet of 'Chipples'. Young couple go for a country walk. Close up of other side fence. Couple running along path. Other woman takes a photo of them. Close up of male hand putting ring on woman's finger - a proposal of marriage? A small child sits in a high chair at a table laid with food including trifle and birthday cake with one candle burning (lst birthday). The child seems more interested in a piece of paper than the cake. An adult holds the one year old behind a brick trolley/walker/toddle truck with a soft toy init. The same child in a wooden playpen. A plastic ball is thrown to the baby. The child sits on the floor with the new Toddle Truck, ball and other toys. Is it the same baby now older?

Little girl with pigtails. Mum holds a new baby. Little girl holding posy of flowers outside a church. Baby is in christening robe. A back garden. Baby boy, now toddling. Mum sits on a rug. Another woman stands on a step cutting the hedge. Boy toddles around the garden exploring. Close up of toddler playing with leaf. Toddler with tea towel tied around his neck drinking from a cup. Teatime. The family sit around a table with toddler in a chair. Toddler playing with pull along truck/lorry then an alarm clock. At the seaside toddler in knitted romper suit with his father plays on waters edge at the beach in the wet sand, with a bucket and spade. Woman flies a kite.

Beach views. Mum in the sea with a spotted top bikini and little boy(now older) in trunks, plays in the sea with bucket and spade. Removal of Jelly fish? with spade. Close up of Mother and son stepping over rocks. Boy in an anorak sits for photograph. Boy crawling through hole copied by younger child. Both children wearing Aran knit jumpers. Ship in view 'Tepaz'. Toddler sits on beach playing with his sock.



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