Ron Roberts 'Ronnie Stan'


Never one to turn away from a quick one-liner, Ron is a massive fan of all things comedy and he's got a fair few friends in the business. Here he is with one of his heroes - the very quick witted, puntastic Tim Vine!

Ron is one of the funniest and nicest fellas you could hope to meet and he's joined Coast Community Radio and Media (CCRM) as the company's Commercial and Marketing Director. His role is to ensure the company grows contacts in the Colwyn Bay business world so we can bring in advertising and other revenue to fund our community station Bayside Radio.

He has own promotions and marketing company along with a very thick contacts book and he's in a great place to help the company grow for the good of the community. CCRM is a non-profit community interest company which has been set up to develop an entertaining and informative station for Colwyn Bay. Ronnie is the man to help us achieve our goals.

Ron also has a job with the Holyhead Ambulance Service and along with his presenting and management role on Bayside Radio, he doesn't have much time to sleep! Many people of a certain age from Glan Conwy will fondly remember a young 'Ronnie Stan' serving them in Austin's butchers many, many years ago. He loves the local community and being part of our exciting new project.

Ron lives in the back-of-beyond (all taxi drivers beware), somewhere that Sat-Navs fear to tread with his wife Lynn and his two daughters Sara-Catrin and Becca.