Pete Fisher 'Tech Head'


Pete is well known in radio circles and is the man which helped us make some sense of the massive technical challenges that lay ahead when we began talking about setting up a community radio station quite some time ago.

As we stumbled into the abyss of modern day technology and how it all worked, Pete and a few contacts we had at the BBC helped put together the awesome equipment which gets the station on-air each and every day. He worked to install some of the most cutting edge technology allowing us to make podcasts and downloads from our output in seconds and publish news stories and other content in an equally amazing turnaround time.

Pete built all the equipment we have in Playout One (the studio where all our output is engineered from) including state-of-the-art decoders which send our signal to internet streaming servers in Paris. Before this happens our two studios bounce their output via cloud servers in the USA back down to Playout One. Heaven knows how it works but it does (well most of the time).

Pete very much dislikes getting messages from the Bayside Radio Ops team late at night and takes it out on his long suffering partner James.