Miles Nipper


Miles Nipper is a freelance Bassoonist and Contrabassoonist. He is the solo bassoonist with the Magic of Mantovani Orchestra and he has worked under the notable batons of Ben Palmer, Gavin Sutherland, Sam Newgarth, Jonathan Willcocks and Brian Kay among others.

Miles has been playing the Bassoon since 1976 and studied for a time with Vernon Elliot (who composed Ivor the Engine).

Miles was Band Sergeant Major of the Royal Signals Band and toured abroad extensively during his 22 years service. He now plays, teaches, arranges and conducts. He has directed orchestras, music making days and chamber workshops in the Westcountry and was the founding Director of Music for the Blackmore Vale Orchestra until relocation to North Wales in Summer 2018.

His passion is promoting solo contrabassoon repertoire. Miles is the founder of the Jurassic Bassoons Quartet and the ‘Everything Bassoon’ extravaganza, also he is Treasurer and Advertising Manager of the British Double Reed Society and has worked on community radio with Katy Ashman previously.

He enjoys tinkering with old landrovers and walking in the mountains.