Simon Wynne

From Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 12:00

Simon Wynne is here each weekday morning on Bayside Radio with a more music breakfast and a morning selection of your favourite relaxing tracks. As a local lad he knows what's going in the community and will bring you all the news along with a light hearted look at what's going on in the world.

Over the years he's worked for the Daily Post and North Wales Pioneer newspapers, the old Marcher Coast FM and most recently at BBC Radio 1 and BBC Three. He's at pain to point out that he didn't DJ at Radio 1 as he was older than 12 years old when he worked for the Beeb!

To get in touch with Simon visit the Contact section of our website.

We will be announcing additional programmes and shows over the forthcoming weeks as the new station begins to launch. We have decided to gradually phase in our specialist and community programmes to ensure that each one is produced to a high standard by our relatively small team.

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