Jasmine: A song to inspire and support mental health

January 21, 2021 - 1607 views

After a year nobody expected to have experienced so much isolation and loss. As a result two producers have put their own stories and struggles into a moving, energising new track which I found out about on my show (which is here as a special podcast for you).

James, Ben, Duke and Rachel, all of the people involved in the song explained.

"Sometimes was created during the many stages of lockdown in late 2020. As Covid 19 placed it’s grips on the Nation with lockdowns being put in place, our own mental health began to suffer and the mental health of the entire Nation has suffered. This song is for people to feel inspired, to see the light at the end of a gruelling tunnel.

"We are passionate about this song and raising awareness, with an aim to put belief and hope into the mental health and recovery community, we are proud to have teamed up with Ffion and Chloe from the CAIS charity in Colwyn Bay to work on another video to raise awareness.

"Our last video that went out and it has reached 74k views so far.

"All four of us who made the track are battling our own individual demons, we wanted to produce an uplifting song to help inspire and put a smile on people's face during these tough times.

"As the song states, ‘together we’ll be okay’, and we hope people can come together all over the world to share stories and their experiences and hopefully this will save more lives from suicide due to lockdowns.

"Our coping mechanism, our therapy, is music and we want to share our music with the world.

"It would be amazing if you could support us, mental health and our cause and share our track on your social media platforms. You would be really making a difference as we believe that this song can uplift the world, especially during these unprecedented moments on Earth. Singing is our therapy, Music is the remedy."

Hear my interview and hear the song ‘Sometimes' - the new uplifting and inspiring song produced By James Hoare & Ben Banjo Field, Featuring the Vocals of the amazing Duke Al & Rachel Allen.

The track is released worldwide on all digital and streaming platforms now.

Hope you enjoy it,