Conwy MIND: Improving Mental Health for All

January 21, 2021 - 1739 views

Conwy Mind are a wonderful resource for everyone in our community especially since the COVID-19 lockdown has impacted on us all in various ways.

In our latest catch up with Rachel we find out about the free support which available to everyone in the Conwy area. We also meet some of the new recruits Becky and Nick who talk about their projects and work.

“Hi I’m Nick the new Trainer at Conwy Mind. I will be working with people and organisations to help them improve mental health. I deliver courses which give people the skills to look after their wellbeing and to promote good mental health in those around them.”

"Hi I’m Becky. I’m the new family support worker for Conwy Mind. I will be working with families who are experiencing difficulties to improve their mental health and wellbeing by offering practical and emotional support."

There's lots to find out and lots of help available. Once you have listened to our podcast, you can read more about what they offer here https://conwymind.org.uk

If you require support from Conwy Mind at this time please contact us the team on 01492 879907, or email info@conwymind.org.uk.

Please don't suffer in silence and get in touch for a confidential chat.


Courses available through Nick

eAMHFA Wales course

The eAMHFA Wales course is accredited by Mental Health First Aid Wales and will be delivered by Conwy Mind trainers.
5 hours self-directed - 6 hours webinar, 4-8 participants. All digital course materials are free hard copies will incur additional costs.
The eAMHFA Wales course teaches adults how to provide Mental Health First Aid to friends, families and co-workers and can be completed from the convenience of your home or office, without the need to travel and at your own pace through interactive modules and webinars online.
Mental Health First Aid is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem, or in a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until the appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.
Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health, Module 2: Depression, Module 3: Anxiety, Module 4: Psychosis, and Module 5: Substance Use.

eMental Health Awareness

This is an interactive online course designed to provide participants with a foundation of knowledge to begin their journey in understanding mental health.
2 hours self-directed interactive online. Unlimited participants. All course materials are digital only.
The course enables participants to develop an understanding and awareness of what mental health is, what mental illness is and the difference between the two.

Also to:

-Recognise the signs and symptoms of poor mental health
- Understand the effects of stigma on individuals experiencing poor mental health
- Understand what depression and anxiety are and the effects they can have on a person
- Understand the impact of suicide in the UK and Republic of Ireland
- Learn basic tips for supporting someone
- Understand more about self-care and implement self-care strategies

What are the Five Ways to Wellbeing?

On behalf of the UK government in 2008 the Foresight’s ‘Mental capital and wellbeing’ project considered how to improve everyone’s mental capital and mental wellbeing through life. Evidence suggests that a small improvement in wellbeing can help to decrease some mental health problems and also help people to flourish.
This course is currently delivered online but when the situation allows we will do face to face sessions. Run by Conwy Mind trainers, it is designed to help participants harness the benefits of the Five Ways to Wellbeing. Participants will learn how to apply these to their life in work and at home.
1 hour self-directed online learning and a two hour webinar. 4-8 participants. All digital course materials are free hard copies will incur additional costs.

This course will cover the following aspects:

- What is wellbeing and why is it so important?
- What are the Five Ways to Wellbeing?
- Why are the Five Ways so effective and flexible?
- How can I apply them in the context of my life?

Working with Covid-19

55% of all working days lost in 2019/20 were due to poor mental health. (Work-related stress, anxiety or depression statistics in GB, 2020 HSE)
This course is designed to help employees improve their Mental Health while working. This course is especially useful for those working from home or returning to work after lockdown / self isolating.
Two hours of self-directed online learning and four hours of webinars split over two sessions. All digital course materials are free hard copies will incur additional costs. The course is taught by experienced qualified trainers and will be adapted to the attendee’s place of work and industry.