A personal fight against COVID

April 19, 2021 - 1449 views

The ruthless impact of Covid-19 has been felt by many people and their families across Conwy, Wales and the whole world. It has been a traumatic and emotional time as families have lost loved ones and people have fought hard against the effects of the virus.

Today on Jeff's Afternoon Show, as part of a series on medical matters and community issues, Jeff talks with Andrew Clarke about his experience in hospital with Covid-19.

Andrew from Old Colwyn was in Glan Clwyd Hospital for many weeks after unknowingly contracting the virus and as a fit 50 year old, he was taken aback about the impact it had on his body. 

He was admitted for 9 days on the hospital's Covid ward and despite attempts to stablise him, the hospital fought against his oxygen levels continuously dropping.

Listen to a facinating insight into the virus and how Andrew overcame one of the biggest challenges of his life.