The benefits of recycling in Conwy 'becoming clear'

March 07, 2019

Conwy Council have released figures today to claim that recycling and benefits to the county are 'becoming clear'.

Recycling is up since 4-weekly collections were introduced across the county at the end of September. The new service put recycling at the heart of the council's approach to refuse disposal. Conwy is now recycling more than ever before and sending less to landfill.

Figures comparing the last 3 months of 2018 with the same time period in 2017 show that household recycling is up by 11.5% with an extra 363 tonnes recycled, while refuse is down by 457 tonnes, a 12% reduction.

 “The response from the community has been excellent,” said Cllr Donald Milne, Cabinet Member for Environment, Roads and Facilities".

“Conwy residents are incredibly motivated to recycle. They know that there are local and global benefits to recycling as much as they can, and by making the most of the weekly collections, they are already making an impact. More items that would once have ended up in a landfill site are now being put to good use and food waste is used to create renewable electricity and fertiliser for local farmland.”

The additional amounts recycled in the first three months of the scheme mean that 3,523 tonnes of paper, card, glass, plastic, metal, textiles, electricals and food have been saved from landfill, along with 227 tonnes of nappies and incontinence products.

 “It’s good to know that each household’s efforts have made a difference. The additional food waste has generated enough energy to boil a kettle in every home in Conwy 10 times. And plastic bottles, paper and tin cans have been turned into something useful instead of being buried in the ground,” said Cllr Milne.

Residents have been recycling more to make sure there is enough space in their rubbish bins. An extra 363 tonnes over all has been recycled compared to the same time last year and residents have requested more recycling bins and boxes.