Extra money to go direct to local schools

March 14, 2019

Schools in Colwyn Bay and Conwy are to recieve extra money after a tough budget settlement with Conwy Council and Welsh Government. 

Cllr Sam Rowlands, Conwy’s Cabinet Member for Finance, has welcomed the announcement of extra funding for teachers’ pension rises and has confirmed it will go straight to schools as promised.

Welsh Government has confirmed additional funding is being made available in 2019-20 to help meet the additional costs associated with pension changes previously announced by UK Government. 

For Conwy the extra funding, over and above what was expected, could amount to about £300k.

Cllr Rowlands said: “The budget for 2019/20 was one of the most difficult budgets this Authority has had to balance.

“We listened to the concerns of schools in relation to their budgets, that’s why councillors agreed that if we received any additional funding for pay pressures in schools it would be passed straight through to them to support their budgets.”

“With this announcement from Welsh Government I’m pleased to make good on that promise.”