Council wants joint committee work to pause after concerns

January 14, 2021

Conwy County Borough Council has called on Welsh Government to delay the progression of Corporate Joint Committees (CJCs) as new legislation is formed in Wales.

These groups are part of the Local Government and Elections Bill, currently going through the Senedd and thet are intended to enable selected local authority functions to be delivered more effectively and strategically at a regional level, making more efficient use of valuable resources.

Welsh Government is consulting with local councils on the regulations for the setting up these Corporate Joint Committees and in its response, Conwy has called on Welsh Government to consider the feedback carefully before progressing further.

In its formal response to Welsh Government, the Council acknowledges that certain functions can be delivered more effectively at scale and refers to existing regional work already taking place in North Wales.

But the Council is objecting to CJCs being imposed by Welsh Government because it will “disenfranchise local elected members”.

The Council also raises concerns about the accountability and scrutiny of the CJCs, how they will be financed and staffed, and the impact on regional growth if the appropriate transition arrangements aren’t in place.

As increased pressure is placed on providing local services and value-for-money for residents and businesses in Wales, it is argued that the Corporate Joint Committees could provide the efficiencies and savings needed in the future.