Coed Pella time capsules buried in the Bay

October 24, 2018

Time capsules have been buried in the grounds of Conwy Council’s new Coed Pella offices which are set to open to the public in mid-November.

Buried by Council Chairman Cllr Peter Lewis with the help of local school children, two capsules hold snippets of local history and have been marked for opening at different times – 50 and 100 years from now.

Cllr Lewis said: “Coed Pella has been built to stand the test of time, enabling us to provide the best possible services for the people of the county and bringing a disparate workforce into one place. A wide range of departments and more than 750 staff will be based there, allowing the council to better help, support, and advise those who need us most, in offices fit for purpose.

“But as we move forward, it’s important to recognise and remember history and the time capsules capture some of that. From Bay of Colwyn Town Council minutes to a book of staff comments, the items unearthed in years to come will show the progress made in providing and modernising council services and remind others of local and international history.”

Also tucked away in the capsules is a 2018 World Cup wall chart and pieces of Colwyn Bay’s 116-year-old Victorian Pier.

"We had interesting and valuable suggestions for what should go in the time capsules and many people came forward with ideas. From international football to local history, the vessels hold different items with different memories, all equally important records of moments in time,” added Cllr Lewis.

The capsules have been buried in a landscaped area at Coed Pella and marked with a plaque sourced from Colwyn Bay’s Matthews & Son Hardware store.

School pupils from Ysgol Eirias, Ysgol Llandrillo-yn-Rhos and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School were invited to attend the burial. Bay of Colwyn Town Council, Ysgol Eirias, and Colwyn Bay Heritage Group together with council staff provided ideas for items to place in the containers.